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From subzero days in the backcountry to summers at Hood, the Handbag can handle it. When it’s time to text that cougar from the lift line, slide open the side zip to reveal the pipe glove liner. For those spring slush sessions, ditch the mitt and rock just the glove.
Insane Performance in a Ridiculously Light Package
From the parks of Mammoth to the streets of Minneapolis, the DMCC-Light delivers a skate-like feel for diehard shredders. Like a runway model with a heroin addiction, this binding is light. In addition to the flyweight Absolute Fit strap and titanium hardware, the Alpha base and highback keep things light by eliminating the weight associated with a traditional forward lean adjuster. Multiple highback mounting points on the baseplate allow you to take advantage of a range of forward lean options. Don’t be fooled, this thing is Chuck Norris tough.
Our vest provides the warmth of a jacket without those cumbersome sleeves. When the temperature falls, the vest’s light insulation and tall collar will keep you warm. An adjustable waistband pulley inside the jacket also helps trap the heat. Whether you wear it alone or as a layering piece, the vest drops classic styling. And without having to watch for sleeves, you can now safely play with heavy machinery.
Merino Wool Lightweight
Even though sheep can’t press rails or float backside ones into pow, they do have one thing dialed: wool. In addition to being super soft, merino wool does an excellent job wicking moisture and regulating temperatures. We made these socks so you can rock the benefits of wool without the hassle of shredding with sheep in your boots. Despite their name, our Merino Wool Lightweights are heavy on features.
The Street
This boot was born for jibbing. Its C3 construction allows you to adjust the fit, flex, and comfort of the boot while its C3 lacing system keeps your heels comfortable and secure. We teamed up with our friends at JRBK to create the boot’s skull shaking, retina-burning graphics. As its name suggests, this boot is perfect for working the streets.
Trucker Hat
Just in time for deer season, we’re dropping a new line of trucker hats. Whether you’re celebrating attaining your CDL over a stack of biscuits and gravy or throwing 9’s in the park, this mesh baby will protect your mullet.
Meet Our Gloves
Imagine if you tossed some of the best things in the world in a blender: puppies, duct tape, and campfires. This would create a plush mix of versatility and warmth—and cause the neighbor kids to cry. Luckily, you can find this magical blend of goodness without the drama by slipping on a pair of CandyGrind gloves. We built our reputation around the craftsmanship of these things. With features like custom dyed and embossed leather, Bomb Proof fully wrapped fingertips, Hipora inserts, and locking Velcro snap closures, our commitment to producing the best gloves in the world continues.
One Love. Two Socks.
From Our Workshop to Your Front Door

Although the mountains of Michigan tend to have the vertical drop of an interstate on-ramp, our passion is nothing small. From subzero days to all night rail sessions, we love to ride. The ice, rain, sleet, and snow that shape Midwest riding provide the perfect conditions for testing our decks. And because we proudly build our boards by hand in Michigan, we can hit the snow with a prototype as soon as the resin dries.

Just as our handcrafted decks are different, so is our approach to getting them in your hands. Our boards are not sold in thousands of shops across the country. Instead, we prefer to work directly with you. This allows us to make sure you get the most bang for your buck. We know you wash a lot of dishes, participate in dozens of medical experiments, or spend days exploring the neighborhood with a metal detector just to scrape together enough cash for a new deck. By being in direct contact with you, we are also better equipped to meet your needs and further refine our efforts to build the best decks in the world.

When you strap into an Epix, you join a tight-knit community defined by a passion for riding.With a big heart and calloused hands, Joe has been turning chairlift conversations, wood, fiberglass, and metal into quality decks since 2003. If you give us a holler, you’re liable to talk with Carlie, who endures papercuts and staring at computer screens to provide the day-to-day support that keeps Epix trucking. Somewhere between Detroit and our workshop in Ortonville, Gustav keeps busy cooking up the latest art for our boards. Our team riders can be found destroying ice, concrete, snow, and steel throughout the Midwest. And across the nation, dedicated shreds rely on our decks day in and day out. This is our shred family—we hope you join us.

Spark XV
Xavier de Le Rue scares us. We get weak in the knees just watching him get to the top of the mountains he drops. His signature model, the Spark XV, is built for big mountain destruction. Its Vibram sole is crafted for riding, hiking, splitboarding, or rocking crampons. Thanks to its D-Tex membrane, these boots will keep you warm and dry—long after you’ve wet your pants.
Support Your Local Shred Shop
Whether it’s the neighborhood park crew or a pack of friends on a powder day, many of our experiences on the mountain are shaped by a sense of community. Shops play an essential role in creating and supporting strong local shred scenes. From sponsoring contest to repairing broken bindings, shops are responsible for getting riders stoked day in and day out. We’ve partnered with dealers known for providing excellent service and being committed to their communities. So when it’s time to pick up a shred stick, please support the people and shops that support you.