I craft stories and help build brands.  By collaborating with partners to create editorial content, brand identities, and marketing initiatives, I enable them to connect with their audience–be it customers, retailers, or the media.  In an era in which people declare that content is king, shouldn’t your content be carefully considered and as unique as your brand?

My ability to craft stories and authentic identities stems from my own experiences.  After growing up riding the icy parks and pipes of the Midwest, I moved to Breckenridge, Colorado to live in a parking lot and ride everyday.  Although I spent my evenings with my head beneath the dashboard of my Jeep Wrangler and my toes touching the tailgate, the days were worth it.  The search for snow continued, taking me to the Tetons the following year.  From there, a passion for teaching led me to the Zuni Reservation, where I served as a Teach For America corps member for three years.  In the midst of spending seventy hours each week grading essays, developing curricula, and working with students, I made a weekly pilgrimage to Arizona Snowbowl, Silverton, or Wolf Creek.  For many years, I also spent my summers directing outdoor education backpacking programs in northern New Mexico.  Sometime between shredding and teaching, I biked across the United States a few times.

After returning to Jackson, Wyoming a handful of years ago, I began dividing my time between writing and riding.  Recently, I served as the Managing Editor of Teton Gravity Research, where I spearheaded the company’s editorial and social media efforts.  I now collaborate with a range of brands on marketing, copywriting, and editorial initiatives.

To learn more about how I can assist you and your brand, give me a holler at michael.sudmeier@gmail.com

I offer free quotes, slow cooker recipes, and advice for brewing iced tea.