1. ALFA OFFER – Products on offer: …; – services offered: …; – Partners already present in the northwest region: … 2. ACCORD OBJECTIVES The purpose of this contract is to set the conditions for: – Activate the sales and service activity proposed by ALFA; – the promotion of products and services by the PARTNER; – ALFA`s contributions to THE PARTENAIRE for the above-mentioned activities. 3. PRICE AND PAIEMENTS When this agreement is signed, ALFA provides price lists for products and services that are updated every 6 (six) months. Payments are paid monthly by bank transfer until the 20th of the following month. 4. PROPERTY AND RIGHT, THE DISTINCTIVE SIGNS OF ALFA THE DISTINCTIVE SIGNS ARE THE PROPERTY OF ALFA.

ALFA expressly authorizes the PARTENAIRE to reproduce the trade names, trademarks and distinctive signs in the appendix on all commercial documents for the development of the products and services offered by ALFA. This right to use the distinctive signs is granted free of charge to the PARTENAIRE and is strictly limited to uses that fall within the scope of this agreement. 5. ContractING PARTY DEES The two parties in this agreement are committed to implementing this agreement in accordance with regional and national laws and practices. The parties agree that the provisions of this agreement and the exchange of information during the negotiation and enforcement phase must be strictly confidential. None of this information can be disclosed to third parties without the other party`s prior written permission. 6. SUSPENSION OF ACCORD If either contracting party is required, by force majeure or for some other reason, to suspend its services, the implementation of the agreement is suspended. Both parties may, at any time, interrupt the use of the service through appropriate written communication. 7. DURATION AND ACCORD CALENDRIER This agreement is for a period of twelve (12) months.

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