Our translation team is required to treat your commercial contracts with full respect for the confidentiality of the information they contain. We protect the discretion of the data that is transmitted to us. We believe that they are immune from any form of disclosure for unauthorized third parties. Our service covers all professionals who wish to conquer international markets as part of a global partnership. Translating your business contract into the languages of your foreign customers and partners is an important advantage. This allows each party to avoid a possible dispute, as the terms of the signed agreement are not included. It also provides a safer environment for the provision of your services or products. Before moving on to the legal translation of a commercial contract, a good translator must analyze and understand the source code. It thus manages to define its legal framework and identify its difficult areas. Then he goes in search of the appropriate terminology to succeed in this cultural transition between two different languages.

In this approach, he relies on his mastery of the target language and the source language, but also on the translation tools. Effective online research in bilingual dictionaries and specialized legal texts allows for optimal coordination between the two legal systems. Seller has advised Purchaser that some of the Leased Carriage Agreements require the prior written consent of the other party thereto to assign such agreements to Purchaser. In July 2010, it became widely public that Southwest Airlines had classified mechanical difficulties as an act of God in their contract of carriage, expanding the definition formerly shared with Delta, American, Continental and United. [1] This was later clarified by the airline as mechanical difficulties beyond the airline`s control, as for instance the failure of the air traffic control system, or fuel delivery systems operated by airports. In addition, each legally valid translation reviewed by our internal auditors is validated by our project managers. These guarantee the quality of these services and the full compliance with delivery times. A contract of carriage is a contract between a carrier of goods or passengers and the consignor, recorded or passenger. Contracts of carriage typically define the rights, duties and liabilities of parties to the contract, addressing topics such as acts of God and including clauses such as force majeure.

Among common carriers, they are usually evidenced by standard terms and conditions printed on the reverse of a ticket or carriage document. Notification of a shipment es arrival is usually sent to the notify party,whose address appears on the shipping document. This party is usually either the buyer or the importr. In specialized translation, it is not enough to translate correctly, because there are many pitfalls in this stage.

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